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Salcantay Majestic
The heart of the Andes in all its Majesty

Наши сильные стороны

We know, like our customers, that our Treks distinguish from the others. Below are our strengths, see for yourself.

  • First, the price. There are numerous Websites offering the Salcantay Trail Trek, visit them, compare, but remember to write down our address because we are sure you will come back!
  • We offer discounts for teenagers, children and travel agencies.
  • We offer, without fees and if you ask for it, the transfer from the airport in Cuzco to your hotel.
  • Our prices are all included, from the beginning to the end of the Trek and trekkers can leave without being worried, with any money, for the whole duration of the Trek. Most of our competitors do not include, for example, the lunch the last day, the bus for transfers, ...
  • Until 10 days before the Trek, without any fees, as many times as you wish and with a simple request, you can change the date of the Trek.
  • We propose, without fees, to replace proposed meals by vegetarian meals.
  • Tents provided are of a very good quality, they are spacious, made for 4 persons. We use them to lodge 2 persons only.
  • All our gear is carefully selected and checked before and after every Trek. Some people have seen broken tents or useless when raining. Ours are checked after every Trek and replaced if necessary.
  • In case of cancellation, most agencies make no refunds. Without arguing or demanding any written proof, we make a 50 % refund of the full payment. The balance corresponds to administrative and banking fees and it is not refundable. Refunds are made directly to your bank account within 48 hours.
  • If other agencies offer discounts, the reservation is only effective after sending by fax a copy of the written proof. Our exclusive reservation system allows you to make the reservation first and then show the original document the day of the Trek.
  • A lot of agencies wait to "have enough customers" to start a Trek. In practical terms, they can only propose few departures per week. Our large volume of reservations allows us to propose one departure per day, everyday from April to September (variable period reajusted depending on the year).
  • All the agencies can only book few months before the Trek departure day. We are the only agency in the market to propose more: up to 1 year earlier!
  • Without the intention of being unfaithful, most agencies only give the clients a simple receipt, for... mmm... let's say tax reasons. They have chosen to do so but it is to the detriment of the clients who don't get a legal purchase proof therefore they are not protected. Our behavior code is to be completely legal and we give every client a detailed and legal receipt.
  • Only few agencies offer the possibility to book online, and if they do, it is through non secure websites. Our online payment system is SSL secure, it accepts many types of credit cards and guarantees not only confidentiality and security of your personal and bank information but that the Site is really what it pretends to be (digital certificate). Furthermore, this reduces reservation delays and paperwork.
  • Finally, as you have noticed, we propose only one thing: Treks and Tours to Machu Picchu. We think that diversity will lower the high level of quality of service you are entitled to demand.

    Comparative chart with our competitors

    We are proud of our services and our clients know it. If you find other Travel Agencies offering the trek, compare their information and ours yourself. For many things, we know we are the only ones to offer them. Judge for yourself:

    Points Majority of Agencies Minority of Agencies Our Agency Comments
    Minimum delay to make reservations 10 days before the Trek 6 days before the Trek 4 days before the Trek For everybody, the process is long which is uncertain, so every agency sets a minimum delay.
    Maximum delay to make reservations 2 to 6 monthss before the Trek 1 to 9 monthss before the Trek 1 years before the Trek Making reservations in advance means to set prices for a long period of time. Most agencies cannot afford this luxury.
    Time needed to request a reservation 15 days 7 days 5 minutes Almost all the agencies make reservations by email then the payment is wired. With our system, everything is made online, in real time.

    Time needed to have an effective reservation

    10 days 6 days 5 minutes

    After the payment (immediate because it is made online), your Trek is immediately booked.

    Total duration between the request and the effective reservation 25 days 13 days 5 minutes We are the only ones offering such a short delay between your initial request and the effective reservation.
    Departures per week 1 to 2 3 to 5 Everyday Since we sell a lot, we are among the few that offer a departure everyday of the week.
    Reservation online No Simple form, without payment Yes To be a part of few agencies offering online payments gives you the guarantee of a quick and secure payment. Only by having credit card issuers' authorization for accepting payments online, this guarantees our seriousness.
    Changes of the date of the Trek Impossible Additional cost Free Until 10 days before the Trek, without any fees and as many times as you wish, you can change the date of the Trek with a simple request.
    Written proof for discounts Sending the copy by fax before the reservation Sending the copy by fax before the reservation Show the original documents directly the day of the Trek

    Our system allows you to reserve directly and show the documentthe day of the Trek.

    Airport-hotel transfer Additional cost Free Free, manageable Permanently manageable to indicate us the date and time of arrival.
    Not included on the total price Bus, last lunch and bank fees (5 to 8%) Bus and/or last lunch and/or bank fees (5 to 8%) Nothing We are simply the only ones to include everything. You don't have any extra or hidden charge, from the beginning to the end.
    Meals We are the only ones to give examples of proposed meals. Moreover, we are one of the rare to bring tables and chairs. Many porters prefer to have light weight and transform the Trek into a picnic.
    Vegetarian meals No Yes, without cost Yes, without cost The choice is made directly from our forms. Some make confusion between vegetarian meals and light meals. We show examples of proposed meals because we don't have anything to hide.
    Gear quality Some agencies (not always small ones) have for example tents with holes or dubious sleeping bags.
    Tents 2 persons tents,
    used dor 2
    4 persons tents,
    used for 4
    4 persons tents,
    used for 2
    Provided tents are of high quality, roomy, made for 4 persons. We use them for 2 persons only.
    Geodesic Domes (New !!) Simple tents Double tents Luxury Domes For the first campsite, we have decided to offer this luxury option for the same price.
    Invoice for the customer Simple informal receipt Invoice on demand Systematic invoice Giving an invoice to the customer means having to pay taxes (18%). Not giving an invoice frees the agency of any responsibility, as in case of cancellation, robbery, insurance, accident, etc.
    Refund in case of cancellation No Up to 50%, manually, 1 week later Up to 50%, directly to your account, within 48 hours The refund request is made online and the amount is directly wired to your account, without discussion.
    Online customer service No No Yes We offer a full customer service online and in real time, for example, to have practical and personalized information, to have the possibility to cancel online, etc.
    Secure website No Yes, 128 bits Yes, 256 bits Our servers, located in Austin (Texas-USA), are highly secured, certifies as hacker safe (certificate required by credit card issuers since July 2006 to authorize online payments).